Ron Bellus. As an alumnus of the University of Nebraska’s John F. Kennedy School of Management, Ron headed west to California in 1980. After serving as the Regional Manager of West Coast Operations for Dun & Bradstreet, Ron founded the American Commercial Collection Agency. Ron was the managing partner of ACCA until 1987, when he joined Manzella Productions as the Vice President of Sales. Over 16 years at Manzella Productions, Ron built one of the best sales representative forces in the industry. Ron also created and implemented the Manzella Profit Planning system which revolutionized retail buying practices; and, along with his rep program, helped increase Manzella Production sales over 500% during his tenure.

Upstate NY provides Ron with not only a great environment to raise his children, but with a convenient and strategic base for the cultivation of Bellus Development’s global interests and operations. by the internet and the commoditization of nearly every product category, and you have a potential breakdown. With this in mind, Bellus Development can ensure a mutually beneficial association of all the necessary parties involved in today’s global commerce.

Ron is on the Board of Directors of Transfer Pricing Professionals, LLC. Transfer Pricing Professionals is part of the UB Business Launch Program which Ron has helped develop for the MBA program at the University at Buffalo importantly, increase sell through and ROI.