Relationship Development. There is a growing disablement of the core relationship between manufacturers and independent manufacturer’s representatives. Coupled with the more demanding agenda of nearly every major retailer, the relationships that were once the foundation of commerce have become more challenging. Add in the disruption caused by the internet and the commoditization of nearly every product category, and you have a potential breakdown. With this in mind, Bellus Development can ensure a mutually beneficial association of all the necessary parties involved in today’s global commerce.

Sales Strategies.
During our years of strategic involvement in the outdoors, clothing, incentive, and consumer electronics industries, we have developed significant sales strategies [from forecasting to follow through] to create a more achievable return on investment - recognizing full well that every purchase is aninvestment deserving maximum return - and that every sale depends on the quality of the human involvement. The Bellus Development Group can not only help to increase sales, but, more importantly, increase sell through and ROI.

Debt Solutions.
With the various options a debtor has in this era, debt solution is an easier task now. There are numerous ways to fight your debts and win over them. With planned and calculated moves, better days are not far away. This is, however, dependent on the amount and type of debt you are undergoing. (See for more information.)

Key Account Development.
Although independent representatives offer significant advantages to established and emerging vendors, there is often a need for a more direct and substantive relationship initiative. On a select basis, our senior management is available to faciltate the incubation of critical relationships, including contractual associations and partnerships.

Sales Center.
The Bellus Development Group has created the SmartLink Sales Center Program which provides all of our clients with a unique and vigorous sales team for their products and services. Based at our home office in Williamsville, NY, our sales center can develop and facilitate an effective telemarketing and sales response program for any type of business.