Profit Planning Centers. We help create a point of purchase strategy that will showcase product in a retail environment to exceed square foot sales requirements and return on investment.

Merchandising & Assortment Planning. By utilizing our profit planning centers we will plan out the best assortment of inventory to maximize every product’s potential.

Our web based programming enables us to track your order from generating a PO to receipt of goods.

Follow Through.
From forecasting to retail sell through we will help to increase your profit ratio.

Increasing flexibility while ensuring proper cash flow is the essence of any good dating program. We personalize each customer’s program to maximize turns and profitability.

By using or planning systems we are able to monitor our product sell-through at retail to assure reduced carrying costs, and, once again, increase turns and profitability.

Debt Solutions. With the various options a debtor has in this era, debt solution is an easier task now. There are numerous ways to fight your debts and win over them. With planned and calculated moves, better days are not far away. This is, however, dependent on the amount and type of debt you are undergoing. (See for more information.)

We faciltate the timely collection of overdue accounts receivables as well as recognizing the essential need for client retention with the commensurate long term benefits.

Instant Access.
In conjunction with iful’s state of art distribution center we are able to fulfill all customer requests, exceeding customer expectations from independent retailers to mass merchants.

Incentive Programs.
In conjunction with the Advantage Trade Group we have developed incentive programs with the most sought after brand name product to motivate employees as well as customers.